Are Hot Tub Pads Any Good?


No, they are not. Hot tub pads are a waste of money because they do not work.

The pads are meant to heat up the water in the hot tub, but they do not work because the water in the hot tub moves around too much and spreads the heat evenly.

This means that the pad never gets a chance to heat up the water properly, and it just ends up being a waste of money.

What Is Best To Put Under A Hot Tub?

The best thing to put under a hot tub is an insulation pad.

This will help keep the heat in and reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the desired temperature.

It also helps to protect the floor from water damage.

Is A Hot Tub Pad Necessary?

A hot tub pad can certainly provide added insulation and protection for your hot tub, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

If you’re looking for added peace of mind, a hot tub pad may be a good investment for you.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can get by without one.

Just be sure to take extra care in monitoring the water temperature and pH levels to keep your hot tub in good condition.

What Is The Purpose Of A Hot Tub Pad?

A hot tub pad is a flat, raised surface upon which a hot tub can be placed.

Its purpose is to provide a level, stable foundation for the hot tub, and to protect the underlying deck or patio from water damage.

Hot tub pads are typically made of concrete, although plastic and rubber versions are also available.

Most pads are approximately 2 feet square, and about 4 inches thick.

How Thick Of A Pad Do I Need For A Hot Tub?

A water-resistant pad is generally recommended for use under a hot tub.

The pad should be thick enough to provide insulation and protect the deck or patio from the heat of the tub, but not so thick that it prevents the water from draining.

Ask your local hardware store for advice on choosing the right thickness of the pad.