Can You Put A Hot Tub Inside?


The answer to this question may surprise you, but yes you are able to fit a hot tub inside. Sure, this may bring more issues than not, but it is absolutely possible to put a hot tub indoors. However, if you do choose to place your spa inside, there are a few things that must be present. 

First, you need to ensure that the place you are putting your hot tub in, has ventilation. Additionally, added ventilation is always recommended and a benefit. The room you put your hot tub in also needs to be ready to experience minor damage. 

Because hot tubs will produce moisture, this can cause issues with drywall and point. So, if you are alright with the room your spa is in to need some frequent improvements, then, by all means, move your hot tub inside! 

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Does a hot tub have to be outside?

No, a hot tub does not need to be placed outside. Many homeowners are now choosing to add their hot tub into a ventilated room of their home, to ensure all year round use. Having your hot tub inside can make it easier for cleaning and use. 

Can you put a portable hot tub inside?

Portable hot tubs are a great option for those who like to move locations of their spas regularly. A portable hot tub can be placed inside; however, there needs to be one large condition met. This condition is a flat surface. 

Similar to a more stationary hot tub, your portable hot tub will need a flat and stable surface to rest on. This way, you won’t have any breaks, cracks, or water spills. 

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Is it OK to put a hot tub in the basement?

Yes, it’s very possible to install your hot tub in your basement, however, it may be more complicated. Let’s not forget, in order to get a hot tub to function, you must do more than simply move it. 

When installing a hot tub, in any location, you need to have a flat surface to place it on first and foremost. From there, ensure that the location is able to support wiring. Because you will need power for your tub, electricity and the ability to fix wiring is imperative. 

Lastly, if your hot tub is being placed in the basement, it’s important to think about how filling up the tub will go. If you aren’t able to get large amounts of water into your basement, then the location may need to be re-throughout. 

Can I put a hot tub in the garage?

Similar to the answers from previously included sections, yes, hot tubs can be placed anywhere, even the garage. This could be a great spot if your garage offers a flat and stable surface for your tub. However, it’s important to note that if you place your hot tub in a garage, there needs to be a place for ventilation. 

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If you place your hot tub in the garage and there’s no ventilation, the walls around your tub could become moldy or start to rot. It’s important that the flat surface you place your tub on, no matter the area, has ample ventilation.