Does A Hot Tub Raise Your Blood Pressure?


When an individual’s blood pressure is raised, it’s caused by the dilation of blood vessels. This dilation will in turn lower someone’s blood pressure. So, generally, no, hot tubs do not raise blood pressure; they actually can lower it.

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Should you go in a hot tub with high blood pressure?

This question is a bit tricky to answer. There are some medical professionals that say spending 10 minutes in a hot tub, as someone with high blood pressure, is safe, whereas others think it’s dangerous. 

Some experts have concluded that spending any time in a hot tub is dangerous for those with high blood pressure. It’s dangerous because while in the hot water, the heart will need to work harder to make up for dilated blood vessels. This, over time, could cause heart issues; however, no research has proven this. 

Generally, those with high blood pressure won’t experience any dangers by spending the normal amount of time suggested in a hot tub. Ultimately, hot tubs can help those with high blood pressure, so yes, those with high blood pressure should spend time in hot tubs or in places with hot water. 

Is hot water bad for high blood pressure?

Actually, hot water is not bad for those with high blood pressure. Hot water increases circulation in the body. Being in hot water can sometimes increase circulation and lower blood pressure. It’s recommended that those with dangerously high blood pressure should drink hot water to get the blood flowing. 

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Can you get in a hot tub if you take blood pressure medicine?

If you are someone with high blood pressure and is treated for it, spending a normal amount of time in a hot tub is likely safe. High blood pressure is commonly known as hypertension, and medication is used to treat symptoms. 

If you are currently taking these medications to manage your hypertension, it is safe to submerge in a hot tub. Some studies have actually shown that the hot water in a hot tub lowers blood pressure. 

How long can you stay in a hot tub with high blood pressure?

Similar to any other individual, it’s recommended that staying in a hot tub for a maximum of 10 minutes is safe. Recommended hot tub use is always 10 minutes, because of the water’s ability to lower someone’s blood pressure. 

For other individuals with no known health problems, staying in a hot tub for 15 minutes or less is recommended. So, looking at both these recommendations shows how those with high blood pressure aren’t too much more at risk when relaxing in a hot tub. 

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How long after a hot bath should you take your blood pressure?

If you are someone with high blood pressure and enjoy baths, it’s recommended to take your blood pressure after in order to ensure safety. Once you spend the suggested amount of time in a bath, you should wait for longer than 60 minutes before checking your blood pressure. 

An hour is the recommended time to wait because this amount of time will eliminate the depressor effects of bathing in hot water. Generally, hot water will lower your blood pressure, so taking your reading directly following a hot bath may mess up the outcome. 

Additionally, when in hot water, the heart will need to pump quicker to get blood throughout the body. This simple action done by the heart will also mess with a blood pressure reading, which is another reason why it’s important to wait the recommended amount of time after a hot bath to take an accurate reading.