Hot Tub Gfci Test Button Not Working, What To Do?


If your hot tub’s GFCI test button isn’t working, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it.

First, check to see if the GFCI outlet is still getting power by plugging in a lamp or other small appliance.

If the outlet is working, then the problem is likely with the GFCI itself and you’ll need to replace it.

If the outlet isn’t getting power, check your home’s circuit breaker to make sure the circuit hasn’t been tripped.

If it has been tripped, reset it and try the GFCI test button again.

If it still doesn’t work, you may need to call an electrician to troubleshoot the problem further.

Where Is The GFCI Reset Button On My Hot Tub?

A GFCI, or ground fault circuit interrupter, is a type of electrical outlet that is designed to protect against shocks.

It does this by sensing when the current flowing through the circuit is unbalanced and then shutting off the power.

The GFCI reset button is usually located on the front of the outlet, near the bottom.

If you have a hot tub that is connected to a GFCI outlet, it’s important to know where the reset button is so that you can reset the power if it trips.

Most hot tubs will have a label near the GFCI outlet that says “GFCI protected.

” This means that the outlet has been installed correctly and is working properly.

If you see this label, it’s a good indication that the reset button will be located nearby.

How Do You Test A Hot Tub GFCI?

To test a hot tub GFCI, first, make sure that the GFCI is properly installed and that there is no damage to the cord or plugs.

Next, plug the hot tub cord into a GFCI outlet and turn on the power.

The GFCI should trip and the power to the hot tub should shut off.

If the GFCI does not trip, then it is not working properly and should be replaced.

How Do I Reset A GFCI Breaker On A Hot Tub?

If your hot tub isn’t working and you’ve checked the GFCI breaker, you may need to reset it.

First, turn off the power to the hot tub at the breaker.

Then, remove the cover of the breaker box.

Locate the GFCI breaker inside and press the “reset” button.

Finally, turn the power back on at the breaker and test your hot tub to see if it’s working again.


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