How Do You Turn Off A Hot Tub?


When you are trying to turn your hot tub off, this simply means you must shut off the pump. By shutting off your hot tub pump, it will not be in use. In order to do so, there are a few steps you can follow. 

Ultimately, you will need to look in the owner’s manual of your hot tub. Usually, this will give the specific instructions needed to turn off your hot tub. If you can’t find the instructions, then you can follow these steps. 

First, remove your hot tub’s thermal cover, and the filters. You can then clean the covers and filters to ensure cleanliness when your tub gets turned back on. From there, you are then able to drain your tub. If you don’t have a submersible pump or exterior drain, you can use a hoe to get rid of the water inside. 

After your tub is drained, you are then able to switch the power of your tub off. Now, you have the time to drain your hot tubs pump, filter canisters, and heater. Ensure all the water from these three items has been taken care of. 

Of course, you can clean the inside of your tub and all the extra items that come along with your hot tub once you are done. By using approved cleaners, your tub will look fresh and ready to use again in no time. 

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Do hot tubs run all the time?

Yes, in most cases, hot tubs run at all times. Actually, hot tubs were designed to be left on permanently, so it’s normal to run them 24/7. However, hot tubs should be drained regularly. This ensures your hot tub is clean and fresh and doesn’t have a growth of bacteria. 

Do hot tubs need to be turned off?

No, because hot tubs are designed to be left on around the clock; they don’t need to be turned off. However, even though they won’t be turned off, they should be cleaned regularly. This is usually done by adding cleaning solutions to your hot tub, or by draining the water and doing a deeper clean. 

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Do hot tubs have an on/off switch?

Some hot tubs can be controlled with a simple switch, whereas others cannot be controlled by doing so. Higher quality hot tubs allow you to power off your hot tub through its water heater. Other hot tubs will require a bit more work to power down fully. 

What do you do with a hot tub when you go away?

When you go on a vacation, you may wonder what to do with your hot tub. Luckily, this is a common question that’s asked, and it comes with a simple answer. You can just leave it on. However, there are some tips to remember to do before you head off on vacation. 

First, remember that keeping the water clean is a main priority. So, to do so, adding chemical sanitizers or shocking the water, will be best. When this is taking place, be sure to lock your hot tub’s cover and let it sit.


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