How High Should A Hot Tub Be Filled?


Most hot tubs are designed to be filled between 18 and 24 inches from the top.

If you have a very tall hot tub, you may need to fill it higher than that.

You’ll also want to make sure your spa cover will fit on top once the water is in!

Can You Put Too Much Water In A Hot Tub?

Yes, it is possible to put too much water in a hot tub.

If the tub is filled to capacity with water, it may not be possible for the heater to sufficiently heat the water.

This can lead to a less than optimal experience for users who may find the water bath cold or lukewarm.

Another potential problem that could occur from overfilling the tub with water is that the pressure on the filtration system could become too great, which might cause it to malfunction or break down entirely.

To avoid these sorts of issues, make sure not to fill your hot tub past the recommended level.

What Happens If The Water Level Is Too Low In A Hot Tub?

If the water level is too low in a hot tub, it can cause several problems.

For one, if the water level falls below the jets, the pumps can become damaged.

Additionally, if there’s not enough water to cover the heating element, it can cause the element to overheat and potentially damage the tub.

Finally, if there’s not enough water to absorb all of the heat from the jets, it can create an uncomfortable environment and even lead to burns.

Does A Hot Tub Have To Be Full To Turn On?

No, a hot tub does not have to be full to turn on.

In fact, most hot tubs can be operated with as little as one-half to two-thirds of their total water capacity.

However, it is important to make sure that the tub is full enough so that the jets are covered and operational.

If the jets are not covered by water, they could become damaged or broken.

Therefore, we recommend filling your hot tub up to at least three-fourths of its total capacity before turning it on.