How To Inflate A Coleman Hot Tub?


Inflating a Coleman hot tub is very easy. All you must do is open your hot tub and ensure it’s lying flat on the surface of your choice. Additionally, your tub should be placed on a safety layer. This can be anything from the base of a hot tub or a level mat. 

From here, look for the closed innerspring value. This needs to stay locked so that air will be kept inside. Once you are sure this is locked, you can then find your portable air pump and begin to prepare it for filling up your tub. Take the functioning end of the air pump and screw it into the value you previously checked was locked internally. 

You can then plug your air pump into the wall and begin inflating your hot tub. You will be able to tell when their air pump can be turned off, because your hot tub will be upright and plump. Once this tub has been inflated, you are able to plug in the portable air pump to the respective plugs found on the side of your hot tub. 

Matching up the pumps to your hot tub and air pump is key to keeping your tub filled at all times. When each is connected and properly screwed into place, you can then begin to fill up your Coleman hot tub with water. 

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Inflating a Coleman hot tub will take under ten minutes. As long as your air pump is working correctly and the pressure gauge is functioning, it will take a short amount of time to fill this tub up. 

How do I inflate my inflatable hot tub?

Inflating portable hot tubs will be done with an added air pump. This air pump will need to be plugged into the nearest outlet for it to work properly. Once your tub is laid out and ready to be filled up, you can then use this air pump to inflate your inflatable hot tub. 

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How do you inflate Coleman SaluSpa?

Inflating a Coleman SaluSpa is the same as inflating other types of hot tubs. The steps are very easy as long as they are followed. First, as previously mentioned, you must inflate your spa to its perfect state and then connect your air pump. 

When your tub is inflated to its proper size and your air pump is tightly attached, adding water will be the next step. There is a handy water level tracker on the inside of your spa. Simply follow the instructions when adding water, and your hot tub will be ready for use. 

Does the bottom of the Coleman SaluSpa inflate?

The bottom of the Coleman SaluSpa inflates very easily. As long as you have an air pump, this can be easily done. First, you need to fill the bottom of your spa with air via an air pump. Once you see the bottom is on the liner provided and is soft, you can take the air pump out and seal the bottom off.


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