How To Turn Off Balboa Hot Tub?


To turn your balboa hot tub pump on or off, press “Jets.

Moreover, the “Jets” control can also be used to shift your hot tub’s pump speed between low and high.

Ideally, if you set your hot tub at low speed, then it will turn off after 4 hours, but if it is at high speed, then it will only take 15min before turning off.

How to turn off the jets balboa hot tub?

To turn off Jets in your balboa Hot tub, press “Jets.”

This control can also be used to shift pump speed from high to low as well as to turn on your balboa hot tub.

Balboa hot tub jets won’t turn off

If your hot tub’s jets have been running 24/7 and you can’t turn it off, it means your pump is probably faulty, or there is a problem with your circuit board.

If the board has a bad relay, then your hot tub jets won’t turn off. To check if this is the problem, turn off the main power and turn it on, does it remedy it?

If it doesn’t remedy your problem, then it means your hot tub circuit board has a bad relay.

Ideally, hot tubs are designed to turn on automatically during heating or filtration circles throughout the day.

However, sometimes you will notice that your hot tub has been on throughout since the pump has been running, with jets being on but not just powerful, which isn’t ok.   

Besides the two potential faults that we have highlighted up there, your hot tub jets may fail to turn off for 5 to 8 hours if you have set your hot at F8, F6, or F5

If your hot tub is set at F8, then it means your tub will run for 8 hours every 12 hours and can’t be turned off.

So, to fix this, it will be ideal if you set it at F1 or F2, such that it only runs for every 1 hour or 2 hours, respectively, every 12 hours.

How do you turn on a Balboa hot tub?

After turning on the hot tub from the main power source (socket), there is only one way to turn your balboa hot tub on or off, and that is by pressing “Jets.”

You can press the Jets button once, press and hold it or give it a double tap to turn on your pump and choose the speed you want.

By pressing “Jets 1” ones, the pump will run at a low speed, and if you press it twice, then you turn on the high speed.

Keep in mind in some balboa systems; there is Jets 1, Jets 2, Jets 3, and Blower.

If you choose Jets 2, Jets 3, and Blower, then the tub will run for 15 minutes before turning off automatically. To start warming up the water, press the “warm” button, and immediately the degree Celsius reading will start showing on your display panel.


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