Is Hot Tub Good When Sick?


When you are sick, it is sometimes recommended to soak in a hot tub. This is sometimes recommended because when you are sick, your body will likely experience a slight fever. When this occurs, the fever is doing all it can to defend itself from viruses. 

By sitting in a hot tub following this time, the water will increase your body’s temperature, inducing more of a fever. This, in turn, will help your body boost its immune system. However, it’s important to note that you should wait until after your body breaks a fever to ensure that your body temperature doesn’t become dangerously high. 

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Is a hot tub good for congestion?

When you feel sick and have congestion, you may find breathing difficult. This is because your nasal tissues are inflamed. You will feel like your nose is clogged because your membranes are swollen. 

Ultimately, sitting in a hot tub if you are congested is very beneficial. Hot tubs are beneficial because of the heat of the water. Hot water creates a stream, and this steam will enter your nasal passages and shrink the swollen membranes that cause congestion. And steam will loosen congestion in turn. 

Is it OK to sit in a hot tub with a fever?

No, specialists would recommend not soaking in a hot tub while you are running a fever. This is because when you have a fever, your body’s temperature is higher than normal. So, if you enter a hot tub when this is occurring, your body temperature will rise too much. 

However, we do recommend soaking in a hot tub once your fever breaks. As we stated a few sections prior, relaxing in a hot tub after your fever is gone will help your body continue to fight off a cold or flu and boost the immune system. 

Should you go in a hot tub with a chest infection? 

This question is a bit tricky to answer. Because many various chest infections can occur, with multiple levels of severity, there is no blanket answer. In most cases, relaxing in warm water can help relieve chest infections to some extent. 

However, if you are experiencing serious chest infections, staying out of a hot tub may be in both your body and best interest. In some rare cases, hot tubs can actually cause serious cheek infections. So, it is smart to stay out of hot tubs when diagnosed with chest infections.

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Do hot tubs boost the immune system?

Even though many believe that hot tubs are perfect for relaxing and de-stressing, they offer many more benefits. One of these benefits is boosting the immune system. When you use a hot tub regularly, the immune system is slowly boosted, and along with your overall health, improvements are visible. 

Boosting your immune system naturally is the best way to fight off colds, flu, and other infections that commonly occur in the body. If you work on slowly boosting your immune system by soaking in a hot tub or eating healthy foods, you see improvements in your overall health. 

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Do hot tubs help fight infection?

When you are dealing with infections in the body, it’s because your body’s immune system is unable to fight off harmful bacteria. However, a hot tub can actually help your body fight off infections by doing a few different things. 

First, as we mentioned previously, a hot tub will elevate your body’s temperature and boost the immune system. This way, your body will be able to fight off infections whenever they occur. Additionally, a hot tub can also expedite sleep. And, we all know that sleep is very important for your body to fight off. 

This means that because you are sleeping better, your body will have a better chance of beating infections. A hot tub will also relieve your body of the aches and pains that come with infections and illnesses. This is another great benefit of utilizing a hot tub. 


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