What To Wear In Hot Tub?


If you find yourself asking what is the proper attire for hot tub use and feel like this question isn’t worth asking, you would be wrong. This is actually a great question for those that will be spending a lot of time taking dips in hot tubs. 

In most cases, wearing a bathing suit will always be done when bathing in any body of water outside of the home. Of course, wearing a bathing suit in a pool or at a water park is done, so why should a hot tub be any different? 

Generally, yes, swimsuits are worn in hot tubs; however there is a prime type of material that is suggested to wear in water that has high temperatures. Swimsuits that include durable fabrics such as nylon are regularly chosen for relaxing in hot tubs. 

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Now you may be asking, why nylon? What are the effects of this fabric over others? Nylon is made with large blends of spandex, which is a material that is far more durable than others. As long as nylon swimsuits are rinsed after use to avoid chlorine damage, this material is the best. 

Additionally, apart from wearing a nylon swimsuit in hot tubs, your skin should also be protected if you wish to utilize a hot tub often. It’s always suggested to apply a thick layer of moisturizer before entering a hot tub. This way, your skin will always hold moisture and not dry out from the chlorine levels in a hot tub. 

Can you wear anything in a hot tub?

In most cases, individuals will wear swimsuits in a hot tub. If you are someone who wants to wear lounge pants, hoodies, or t-shirts, you may be unable to enter. This is because restrictive clothing can sometimes be detrimental to the body while swimming in a hot tub. 

Additionally, clothing that has long sleeves, such as hoodies or long-sleeve shirts, isn’t allowed in hot tubs because of raised body temperature from the water alone. Consider being in warm clothes and entering water that is already hot… The outcome isn’t good. And, that much of an increase in body temperature isn’t safe. 

Generally, wearing menial clothing, such as most bathing suits, is recommended for those entering a hot tub. And, to take things further, having a separate special swimsuit for only hot tub use is recommended as well. Similar to the information we gave in the previous section, hot tubs have higher levels of chlorine.

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Due to this, your swimsuits may experience wear and tear. But, swimsuits are the only option for hot tubs, so taking care of your bathing suit is smart to do. Ultimately, no, you cannot wear anything you choose when it comes to swimming in a hot tub. 

We recommended only special nylon or a special swimsuit of your choice. Remember, no heavy or restrictive clothes, and nothing that will allow your body to heat up more than it already naturally does by being warmer temperatures.