Where To Dispose Of A Hot Tub?


There are some ways you are able to dispose of your hot tub. Because of the sheer size these spas come in; things can get tricky. For many, hiring a company to take it away is the easiest option. However, there are some other ways you can get rid of it. 

If you are a fan of a long-term DIY project, taking apart your hot tub piece by piece and disposing of it in a regular trash bin can be something you could be interested in. On the other hand, some easier options could be speaking with hot tub dealers and trading it in. Or, having a dealer purchase it all together. 

Additionally, selling it yourself without a dealer on an online site, on Facebook marketplace, or in a garage sale. No matter how you decide to get rid of your hot tub, there are always options to do so. 

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How do you decommission a hot tub?

When it comes to decommissioning your hot tub, you will need to follow the simple steps to do so. First, you must let all chemical levels in your hot tub drop so that you can safely drain your tub. Once the levels are low, you can flush out your hot tub. 

This means that you will clean out the plumbing and prevent growths in your tubes from occurring. When this is done, you need to turn off your hot tub’s power and drain your tub. Following this step, you can then drain pumps, water heaters, and filters. All this should be cleaned and water free. 

You should remember to blow out any water from the jet pipes, remove the remaining drain plugs, and remove the remaining water with a shop vac. Once this is completed, your hot tub will be decommissioned and ready for selling or to take a break for a few months. 

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Can I cut up an old hot tub?

In general, most hot tubs are able to be cut into 4-6 moveable pieces. This can be done by certain types of saws that are made for fiberglass. The saw blades must be able to penetrate the shell of your hot tub in order for this to work. 

If you have found the proper tools, you are able to dismantle your hot tub into puzzle pieces that can easily be disposed of. Like we said before, this usually is 4-6 pieces, but depending on the amount of those helping, could be more. 

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Are old hot tubs worth anything?

When it comes to selling a hot tub, it’s important to know what you are able to get for your spa. If you are simply selling the hot tub on its own in working condition, it will generally resell for around 25% to 33% of its original value. And, if you sell your hot tub in working condition with other features included, it will sell for a bit more. 

On the other hand, if the hot tub isn’t functioning, then it won’t make you much money back. In cases like this, you may better cut up your hot tub and dispose of it properly.