Can You Hot Tub With A Spray Tan?


Yes, you can hot tub with a spray tan. The spray tanning solution will not be adversely affected by the hot tub water.

However, it is always important to take care when using a hot tub, as the skin can easily become irritated when in contact with the high temperatures and chemicals present in the water.

Make sure to rinse off thoroughly after each use and moisturize your skin regularly.

Enjoy your hot tub experience!

Will Hot Tub Ruin Spray Tan?

It is possible that the hot tub could ruin your spray tan.

The water in a hot tub can be very chlorinated, and this chlorine can strip away the DHA (the active ingredient in most spray tans) from your skin, leaving you with an uneven or blotchy tan.

If you’re going to use a hot tub, it’s best to wait until after your spray tan has had a chance to fully develop (usually 8-12 hours).

You should also make sure to rinse off any chlorine residue before getting sprayed and avoid excessive exposure to heat (including sun exposure) for at least 24 hours after your tanning appointment.

Does Chlorine Affect Spray Tan?

Yes, chlorine can definitely affect spray tans. In fact, it can make them fade more quickly.

That’s because chlorine is a harsh chemical that can really dry out your skin.

So if you’re planning on getting a spray tan, it’s best to avoid swimming in chlorinated water or using products that contain chlorine (like bleach).

Instead, try to stick to gentle soaps and moisturizers until your tan has faded.

And if you do end up swimming in chlorinated water, be sure to rinse off thoroughly afterward!

Why Can’t You Wear Fake Tan In A Hot Tub?

You can’t wear fake tan in a hot tub because the high temperatures will cause it to streak and look obvious.

Additionally, the chlorine in hot tubs can also react with fake tanning lotions and lead to skin irritation.


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