How To Fix Hot Tub Jets?


If you need to fix the jets of your hot tub, then you must first know what issue is happening within your hot tub’s system. Fixing a clogged jet and resetting your hot tub are two very different issues and will need to be fixed accordingly. 

This article will touch on various issues that could arise and the proper way to fix these issues. 

Why are the jets on my hot tub not working?

Likely, when your jets aren’t working, it is from a broken airlock. Your hot tub’s airlock is there to ensure that all plumbing lines are working properly and allowing the jets to run smoothly. If your jets aren’t working, then your airlock could be causing issues with your plumbing lines. 

The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company / Google Stock Images

How do you fix a clogged jet in a hot tub?

Hot tub jets can get clogged easily; when they do, they need to be fixed. However, hot tub jets rarely get clogged. But, fixing them is easy. Likely, a jet is clogged from broken parts getting stuck and blocking water flows. 

Other times, hot tub jets can be clogged by bits of leftover cleaning solutions, clumps of calcium, or debris from hot tub users that have become lodged in the tubes. When this happens, you need to either manually remove what is blocking your jets, or thoroughly clean your jets and tub. 

How do you reset the jets on a hot tub?

When it comes to resetting your hot tub jets, this is usually a simple fix. For starters, you need to first flip on your hot tub breakers. A reset button can be pressed on your hot tub’s control panel or break panel. 

When pressing this button, your hot tub will reset, which will ultimately jump-start your jets into working properly. / Google Stock Images

Is it hard to replace jets on hot tub?

Replacing the jets of your hot tub can be difficult for some people; however, by following the steps we are about to go over can be easy. 

  1. First, it will be best to drain your hot tub. By removing all the water in your tub, you will be able to replace the jets safely. 
  2. Next, reading your owner’s manual to ensure you have the proper jets will be key to a speedy installation. Your owner’s manual will also give you super-specific steps to replace your jets. 
  3. Now, you can start this process by removing your jets. This can be done using basic tools and unscrewing the jets from your hot tub in a counterclockwise motion.
  4. With your new jets in hand, they can be inserted into your tub. Rotate each jet clockwise, and make sure that they are pushed all the way into the back of your tub. It’s important to read your tubs manual or look at further instructions for installing the specific jets you have. 
  5. Finally, you can test your jets and see if they work. This can be done by refilling up your tub and testing them first hand. 

If you have followed these steps, read your user’s manual, and looked over your jets’ instructions, they should be functioning properly.