How Much Water Do You Lose In A Hot Tub?


It’s estimated that the average person loses about one quart of water per hour in a hot tub.

So, if you’re in a hot tub for an hour, you can expect to lose about four quarts of water total.

Of course, this varies depending on how much you sweat and how hot the tub is, so your mileage may vary. 

For reference, a gallon of water weighs around 8 pounds, so four quarts of water is equivalent to 32 pounds.

So, if you’re lugging a heavy gallon of water with you to the hot tub every hour, you can expect to lose a fair amount of weight while you’re relaxing!

Why Is My Hot Tub Losing So Much Water?

There are a few reasons why your hot tub might be losing water.

One possibility is that the leak is coming from the plumbing.

Another possibility is that the water is evaporating due to the heat of the tub.

If this is the case, you might need to add more water more often to keep it at the desired level.

Finally, it’s also possible that your filter needs to be replaced if a lot of water seems to be disappearing through it.

How Often Do You Need To Add Water To A Hot Tub?

Depends on the tub size, how often it’s being used, and what type of heater you have.

If you have a small tub (4-5 people), you’ll need to add water about once a week. If you have a large tub (8-10 people), you’ll need to add water about every 3 days.

If you have an automatic fill system, then it will do it for you!

Does Hot Tub Water Evaporate?

Yes, hot tub water does evaporate. All water does.

In fact, if you leave a glass of water out on your counter, the water will eventually evaporate until there’s nothing left but the glass.

The reason is that water is a molecule made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

When these three atoms are bonded together they form a molecule of water.

However, when the atoms are apart they’re called molecules or ions.

Water molecules are constantly moving around and when they move quickly they escape from the surface of the liquid and turn into vapor or air.

This is what happens with hot tub water.

The hotter the tub, the more quickly the water molecules move and escape, which is why the level of

How Much Does Hot Tub Water Evaporate?

A regular hot tub holds about 250 gallons of water, and a Jacuzzi can hold up to 500 gallons.

So if the water is left sitting in the hot tub for 24 hours, it will lose about 1.5 gallons of water due to evaporation.

If the pump is turned off and the jets are not running, then it will lose about 2 gallons of water per day from evaporation.


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