How To Identify What Hot Tub Do I Have?


First, you’ll need to determine the brand and model of your hot tub.

You can find this information on the label affixed to the outside of the tub.

Once you have this information, you can look up your specific hot tub model online or in a hot tub buyer’s guide.

Next, you’ll need to consider what kind of features and amenities you’re looking for in a hot tub.

Do you want a simple soaking tub or one with jets and massage capabilities?

Are you looking for a soothing environment to relax in after a long day, or do you envision hosting parties and entertaining friends in your hot tub?

Thinking about how you intend to use your hot tub will help guide your purchasing decision.

How Do I Identify My Hot Tub?

Your hot tub can be identified by the presence of a certain set of plugs and sockets on the front and back of the machine.

There should also be an instruction booklet inside the hot tub, which will provide more specific information on how to identify your model.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Hot Tub?

Each hot tub will have its serial number located in a different place. However, it is typically easy to find.

The most common place to find the serial number on a hot tub is on the inside panel of one of the cabinet doors.

Sometimes, the serial number will be on a sticker affixed to the frame of the cabinet door.

If you cannot find the serial number on either of these places, check inside the control panel or underneath the spa cover.

The serial number should be easy to find once you know where to look!

How Can You Tell How Old A Hot Tub Is?

One way to determine the age of a hot tub is to look for an identification label that is usually located on the electrical panel.

The label will have the date of manufacture, manufacturer’s name, and contact information, as well as UL listing information.

Another way to estimate the age of a hot tub is to check for physical signs of wear and tear.

These could include faded or peeling paint, rust spots, cracked or missing grout, and/or broken tiles.

If there are any missing parts (e.g., jets), this can also be a sign that the tub is old.

Additionally, you can ask the owner how long they have had the hot tub and when it was last serviced.


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